Monday, February 20, 2017

Heart Machine Beat

Latest update on the Machine Heart v2.0 now with animation. Finally, I could put together the animation for this idea that I originally created for a medical illustration; I always wondered how it would look animated. Thanks to SketchFab not only I was able to publish the animation but also loaded in real time techniques, see it in all directions and even load it into VR. SketchFab is a dream come true.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

MicroShots VR Dev Blog

I'm developing an educational VR game for the Google Cardboard / Daydream platform.

Here is the Link to the game dev blog: Micro Shots VR Dev Blog

Space Bounty Hunter VR Dev Blog

With a friend, we are developing a VR game for Oculus / Google Cardboard platform. The name of the game is "Space Bounty Hunter".

Here is the link to the development blog: Space Bounty Hunter Dev Blog

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Trophy Room

I'm designing a trophy Room with some Trophies I designed some time ago. I'm using Sketchfab to fast visualize the idea. I improved the lights and textures on my Trophy Room. I still have to fix some trophies that have some meshes faces flipped.

Trophy from the Trohpy Room

Thursday, November 17, 2016

VR Room logo

Around a year ago ago I did a logo for a VR product. Coincidentally, there are two or three companies using a similar name. Posting this maybe can help inspire something to them.

Here is one of the links:

and this one is interesting too:

Monday, October 31, 2016

Visor 3D model

I posted on SketchFab my prototype for the fold-able cardboard VR viewer. The animation shows how it would fold. Still a prototype, work in progress.

Foldable 3D Viewer

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Using SketchFab

I have been a SketchFab observant for a while. They surprise me every time with the amount of content that modeler artists are posting every day. I'm starting to post my models as well; didn't have time before, but now with the push of the virtual reality, having a 3D collection is more relevant than ever.

SketchFab also has a view mode for VR, which it was its natural progression; still, needs adjustments on the navigation, but the solely fact that it can be used straight to VR (Google cardboard) makes it incredible compelling for content creators like me.

SketchFab is another "dream come true", similar to the 3D printing, but even more impact because it doesn't require physical materials therefore no contamination. I'm just waiting for my DayDreamsmartphone or the Lenovo Phab2 to have positional tracking...

For now just updating eagerly a 3D collection:

Car Test in Sketchfab